Don’t touch that dial now, we’re just getting started!

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Nano Tank(s) update. 

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The blackest bird there ever was. It’s black on the outside from head to toe, and black on the inside with its meat and organs.

It’s called the Ayam Cemani from Indonesia, and they’re $2,500 a pop. Their bones are black, too. The only part of them that’s not black is their blood 

That’s metal.

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Gravity Falls; Sock Opera Rough Designs

Sorry for the delay, back from vacation.
Somebody figured out that Bipper in the Reverend outfit was inspired by Robert Mitchum in Night of the Hunter. That’s my favorite movie and a big influence on many artist I know. There are other secrets hidden in the designs though…

Bill pays Dipper a visit- Original special poses and designs by master of nightmares Robert Ryan Cory!

Bipper’s outfit inspired by this dashing gent:

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when people say they want to/offer to draw my ocs


when people say they find my ocs interesting


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